Looking for case studies? We’re in the process of updating this website to reflect the wider digital connectivity programme and will be adding more details as the work develops.

MotionMap Testimonials


Jane, Trinity Hall, Cambridge city centre:

“MotionMap is really good for helping me keep a track on the buses in the mornings. It’s also really useful to check before I leave the office to plan my homeward journey. It helps to take the stress and uncertainty out of bus travel times”.

Anonymous user from Cambridge:

“It is really great using the MotionMap App as it means my 2-year-old daughter can see when her Daddy’s bus has arrived and how far away from home it is. It is also really easy to use on the go, with the ability to store frequently visited locations for speedy access“


Google User on Google App Store:

“I don’t often take the bus but when I do, I find it [MotionMap] really useful. I like the fact you get alternatives for your journey and it gives you directions to walk to the bus stop. There are a few glitches but that’s to be expected with something new. Let’s hope it is developed further.”


Tell us what you think!

Feedback from users will be used to refine and improve the app and SmartPanel screens. MotionMap has its own feedback page within the app, and comments or enquiries about the screens can be emailed to smart.cambridge@cambridgeshire.gov.uk.

We’ve listened to your MotionMap feedback!

Following initial feedback from users, we’ve made several updates to the app that are now live (January 2019 – make sure you ‘update’ the app if your phone doesn’t install them automatically). These include making it clearer which side of the road the bus stops are on, plus the ability to plan future journeys!