**Please note that this OMR consultation is now closed. We have also since conducted a Public Review on the proposed intervention area**

The Connecting Cambridgeshire programme strives to provide the best broadband connectivity possible across its programme area of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

We sent out an Open Market Review RFI in December 2020 but we now wish to extend this request to a larger geographic area. We have been working with DCMS on the Outside-In programme and we wish to update existing and planned coverage data in order to feed into a potential national “Lot 5” Outside-in procurement.

We are commencing an Open Market Review (OMR) to establish existing and planned (next 3 years) commercial coverage of broadband services across a prospective Lot5 area by all existing and prospective NGA broadband infrastructure providers.

Once we have defined the Intervention Area from the OMR, we will be conducting a one month Public Review on the proposed Intervention Area.