Connecting Cambridgeshire is expanding free public access Wifi services to help people get online and make it easier to access public services.

The programme is working with partners to increase free public access Wifi provision in public buildings, open spaces and retail centres in our cities and market towns, whilst increasing availability in active village halls and community buildings in rural areas.


Free CambWifi is already available at around 150 public buildings across Cambridgeshire, providing a secure, trusted network that is simple to join and used by growing numbers of people to access the Internet. The programme is working towards CambWifi availability across all areas.

Find out where you can access CambWifi and how to join here.

Market Towns Wifi

The programme is working with the Combined Authority and local councils to support emerging Market Towns masterplans to increase Wifi services in market towns so that residents, traders and visitors can access information and make payments online.

Village Halls Wifi

Plans are also being developed to extend public access Wifi to some village halls and community buildings across Cambridgeshire to help to support health and wellbeing in communities.

The Connecting Cambridgeshire digital connectivity programme has secured partnership funding, which can be used to provide a limited number of free WiFi packages including installation and subscription fees through the existing CambWifi network.

Following a survey of existing Wifi provision by Cambs ACRE, halls were asked to express an interest in installing free public Wifi to support their community and/or health-related activities. The survey information, together with public health criteria and technical costings, was used to identify a shortlist of halls that we are able to fund within the limited budget.

The eligible village halls have now been informed, and we are in the process of obtaining final details from the supplier, which will allow us to complete planning and installation, and advise the selected village halls on next steps.

If your village hall or community building does not have CambWifi but would benefit from having broadband installed, we have produced a Short Advice Guide for Village Halls and Community Buildings who want to install their own Broadband and Wifi (please note that if your Village Hall is due to receive CambWifi we will send you a different User Guide).