Who do I contact if I have problems connecting to CambWifi?

If you have problems connecting to CambWifi and have checked it should be available in your location, please contact Connecting Cambridgeshire by email: contact@connectingcambridgeshire.co.uk or call 01223 703293 and leave a message.

Why do I need to give my email address to sign up for CambWifi?

Email addresses are only required for verification during registration for CambWifi. These are not recorded and will not be used for any mailing lists, so you will never get any marketing or spam from us.

Where can I find the CambWifi Terms & Conditions?

The terms and conditions are available on the web page that users of the public-access network are obliged to view and agree to when signing up for CambWifi via email.

Why has a site been blocked by CambWifi?

CambWifi has a content filtering system. Our focus is on providing access to the broadest range of content that is suitable to all our customers and as such we provide family-friendly filters across all our sites.

As CambWifi is an open network, can I use it to share personal information?

Public access Wifi networks are not going to be as secure as private networks. So you need to use common sense to ensure you only send personal information to trusted sites that are fully encrypted, and avoid using mobile apps that require personal or financial information.

Will all wireless devices work with Public WiFi?

Any device that can connect to a home, work or public Wifi network will be able to connect to the CambWifi network, once you have registered.

Can my device be hacked into or get a virus from using a wireless network?

This can happen on any connection whether it’s public or not.

As with other public Wifi networks, we recommend that you have adequate security and anti-virus software on your device before you start using CambWifi or The Cloud.

The majority of security risks online are spread via malware within certain web pages. Up-to-date security software should protect you from this.

What if CambWifi is not found by my device?

If this happens, it’s likely that you‘re out of range of a CambWifi access point.

You can check a map and list of Public WiFi locations on our CambWifi page.

What if I can connect but the service is slow?

We aim to provide a high capacity network at every Public Wifi location, but it does have to be shared out amongst everyone.

If the service is slow, it’s probably because the area is crowded and a lot of people are using it.

Please be aware that, depending on your device, your experience of the service may vary.

After I connect, I keep getting a message saying “Page not available” or “Page not found”. What does this mean?

If you’ve already connected and get this message when you try to surf a web page, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You are out of range of one of our hotspots. 
  • You’ve misspelt the web address.
  • The web page you’re trying to reach contains blocked content.
  • There’s a network fault in that location. Try moving to another hotspot.