Cambridgeshire and Peterborough has an ambition to establish a fully integrated, multi-modal transport system that supports our goals of economic growth and opportunity, equity, and environmental responsiveness.

To be successful we need to shift the way that our residents travel moving away from private car use and onto more sustainable modes of transport. Our work on behaviour change looks at how we can support travellers in making sustainable choices, ensuring an easy to access, equitable and easy to use transport system.

What is behaviour change?

Behaviour change refers to efforts put in place to change people’s habits and attitudes. In the context of travel, changing people’s behaviours can help tackle the problems associated with car use and congestion, helping to improve journeys for people, whilst encouraging people to use public transport and delivering wider benefits.

By understanding people’s travel habits, we can help to develop more active and sustainable travel solutions that will benefit everyone.

Behaviour change projects

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