How to get superfast broadband

The Connecting Cambridgeshire programme is rolling out superfast broadband to areas that are not being covered by commercial providers.

Almost two-thirds of homes and businesses that could not get it before have already switched to fibre-based broadband, which is much faster and more reliable – for work, learning or leisure.

But it’s not automatic – you need to upgrade to a faster broadband package with your chosen Internet Service Provider to enjoy the benefits.

Recent research by Ofcom shows that customers may be paying more than they need to on existing broadband contracts, so it’s worth checking if you can switch to a better deal.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check if superfast broadband is available

    • Use our postcode checker to see if superfast broadband is already available in your postcode area, or if there are plans to provide it in follow-on phases of the rollout.
    • If you are covered commercially you can check the main providers’ websites;
    • You can also use the Openreach Postcode Checker to see the progress of the fibre rollout in your area and the technology used. If you see there is a “waiting list” for the cabinet you are connected, it means the cabinet is full due to high demand, so you won’t be able to order until additional capacity has been installed.
    • Register your contact details here so we can update you when fibre broadband is available to order in your area, and let us know if your cabinet is at capacity.

  • Check if you can upgrade or switch to get fibre broadband

    • Ask your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you can upgrade to a fibre broadband package within your existing contract, or shop around for the best deal using independent broadband comparison sites, such as
    • You can choose to switch broadband providers to upgrade to fibre if you’re not tied in to a contract. It’s best to check a range of ISPs as not all offer fibre services in every area.
    • Shop around for the best fibre broadband package for your needs, and perhaps ask your neighbours who they use. Try a few comparison websites as they may not list every available ISP and may offer different deals.
    • The programme is using a range of solutions including Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) technology. You can choose the fibre services package and speeds you need, regardless of the technology. Visit our “Superfast Solutions” page for more information.
    • Connecting Cambridgeshire cannot advise on the best broadband package for you, or which Internet Service Provider (ISP) you should sign up with.
    • Ofcom’s independent website has lots of useful tips to help you decide what speed you need and how to get the best deal.

  • Order a fibre package and get connected.

    Once you’ve ordered, your Internet Service Provider will arrange the connection and send you a router, and inform you when it is live with superfast broadband.

    Installing Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) is more complex as it involves engineers making appointments to bring the fibre connection to the property. Find out more in our FAQs.

  • Look at your options if you can't get faster broadband yet

    It’s taking a bit longer to reach some areas and we’re planning a fourth phase of the broadband rollout from the end of  2019 to bring superfast broadband to as many places as possible – using the latest technology to address connectivity issues.

    • Some premises may be too far away from the fibre cabinet they are served by to receive superfast speeds, or may be directly connected to the Exchange on copper lines, so cannot upgrade to fibre broadband at present.
    • The data for the postcode checker will be updated regularly as the fibre broadband rollout progresses, so look out for changes in the status of your postcode area.
    • Look at your options – there may be other interim solutions for businesses and residents to get better broadband speeds sooner using alternative technologies such as satellite and wireless. Find out more on Other Technologies page.
    • Businesses and residents’ groups may be able to access subsidised funding support from the Government Gigabit Voucher Schemes including new Rural Gigabit Vouchers for groups in rural areas or look at forming a Community Fibre Partnership.
    • If you’ve done all these checks and believe you should be able to get fibre broadband, but are unable to upgrade, contact us and we will be happy to help.