Can I get superfast broadband in my area?

Check your postcode

Enter your postcode in the box above to check if superfast broadband is already available, or if there are plans to provide it in your postcode area in coming phases of the rollout.

Once you have viewed the status of the rollout in your postcode, you can follow the links to check your options for getting faster broadband.


Please note:

  • Some premises in a postcode may get less than superfast speeds due to distance from the fibre cabinet or exchange, but can still upgrade to faster fibre broadband. The broadband speed you will get also depends upon the line quality and the equipment and wiring within your premises.

  • In most cases, all properties in a postcode will be upgraded at the same time but there are instances where this may not happen as telecoms infrastructure does not follow postcodes.

  • The Connecting Cambridgeshire programme is rolling out superfast broadband to areas that would not be able to access it otherwise through commercial provision. The intervention area has been mapped out in accordance with public funding (State Aid) rules using data from the commercial infrastructure providers on their current and future plans.

  • The information for the postcode checker is taken from the last Open Market Review (OMR) in 2014 and Public Consultation in 2016 when commercial providers were invited to submit commercially confidential information about their rollout plans to the end of 2019. A new review will be conducted in autumn 2017 to plan for phase 4.

  • The data for the postcode checker will be updated regularly as the fibre broadband rollout progresses through further phases, so look out for changes in the status of your postcode area.