What is a ‘Smart Place’?

Smart Places is the term used to describe a village, town or city using data and emerging technology to address common local challenges in areas such as transport, connectivity and air quality. Data is usually collected using sensors and other devices placed around the local area.

The data is then processed and analysed, providing the smart place with information to help them influence behaviours and improve economic strength, sustainability and quality of life for the local residents.

Who is involved in the project?

The Smart Places team is part of the Connecting Cambridgeshire programme, led by  Cambridgeshire County Council, which is working in collaboration with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority, Huntingdonshire District Council and St Neots Town Council. Local community groups such as The Neotists are involved, and of course, local residents and businesses who are best placed to provide input on their town.

How could this project benefit St Neots?

St Neots has an exciting opportunity to become one of the UK’s first ‘smart’ market towns and lead the way for other market towns in Cambridgeshire. We’re aiming to help to address some of the challenges and goals identified in the St Neots Master Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan, helping the town to grow and develop its potential even further.

St Neots is strategically placed for Cambridge, London, and Peterborough, as well as being in the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor. We hope that having a focus on smart, forward thinking solutions will generate further interest in developing digital connectivity and exploring opportunities for gigabit-capable connections to support the region’s growing economy.

How can I get involved?

We want to hear from the people who know St Neots best and have ideas and suggestions to help us to find smart solutions to help tackle some of the key issues in the town. There are a range of ways you can get involved and give your feedback – whether you use digital technology or not.

These include talking to us at Smart St Neots events,  pinning your views on the interactive Smart St Neots Map,  emailing us or posting your comments in the feedback boxes at St Neots Library or The Priory Centre.