A pocket version of the SmartPanel screens is now available to access directly on your smartphone from smartcambridge.org/p.

It shows live weather forecasts plus real-time and timetabled travel information about when the next bus or train will be arriving at your chosen stop or station.

To download the Pocket SmartPanel to your phone:

  1. Open the browser on your phone…
  2. Go to: https://smartcambridge.org/p
  3. Accept the terms and conditions, and add the page to your phone’s ‘Homescreen’ for speedy access next time
  4. The page will automatically display Cambridge weather and Cambridge rail station train times. Use the + symbol (top right) to choose and add bus stop timetables, train station timetables and weather for locations of your choice.
  5. You can remove pages by tapping the menu button (three lines, top left).

Put a SmartPanel in your Pocket

Using the same data as the SmartPanels, the Pocket SmartPanel uses real-time local information to accurately predict bus and train arrival times.

Free to download, Pocket SmartPanel helps you plan your journeys around the city and beyond, before leaving the office or on the go, by showing you when the next buses or trains are arriving.

Pocket SmartPanels currently display:

  • Bus times from your chosen stop – shown with either a live Wifi or timetable symbol next to them, and as icons on a map to show you where the bus is in real-time
  • Train departure times from specific stations, whether they are on time or delayed
  • and three-day weather forecasts

This means you can check the live status of the next bus, whether rain is forecast and find out if the trains are running on time all via a bespoke Pocket SmartPanel on your phone.

Choose your bus stop, and if you look on the map view it will also display the position of buses in real-time so you can ‘see’ the buses approaching the stop.

All this – on your phone, in your pocket, in your bag, from your desk and on the go.

Why not give the new Pocket SmartPanel a try and tell us what you think!

Watch our short video to find out more:


If you have any feedback, please use the ‘Send feedback’ option on the Pocket SmaertPanel menu, to let us know your opinion, or email smart.cambridge@cambridgeshire.gov.uk.

If you have a suggestion or want to inform us about a problem, don’t forget to tell us which bus stop, what time, which route and which bus service provider (e.g. Stagecoach/Whippet etc) you want to feedback information about.