Extending the roll-out further

Connecting Cambridgeshire has secured additional funding to extend the superfast broadband rollout.

UPDATE 07 June 2018 – the tender for Phase 4 is now live! https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/Notice/713862d7-265a-4c83-9fd7-ebd39304de78

The planning process involves consulting with the market again to redraw the intervention map to determine where the gaps are likely to be at the conclusion of the current rollout programme and to plan a follow-on phase for remaining areas in scope.

Information and maps are available here as part of a one-month consultation to 21 December 2017 on the proposed intervention scope.

Slides from the recent Supplier Event at the Bradfield Centre on 10th April 2018 are available here

Previous Mapping

Mapping to show future levels of superfast and basic broadband coverage in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough has been carried out to support the Connecting Cambridgeshire project. The maps on this page show the expected coverage of basic and superfast broadband access by 2015 without the Connecting Cambridgeshire project’s intervention.

The analysis has used the European Commission definition of NGA (Next Generation Access – equivalent to superfast broadband) black, grey and white (BGW) premises.

The basic broadband map designates the level of basic broadband coverage as:

  • Basic black: premises in areas where more than one operator owns network infrastructure
  • Basic grey: premises in areas where one operator owns network infrastructure
  • Basic white: premises with no service or less than 2Mbit/s

Connecting Cambridgeshire – Basic Broadband Coverage

The superfast broadband map designates the level of superfast broadband coverage as:

  • NGA black: premises in areas where two or more NGA operators exist now, or are planned to exist by 2015.
  • NGA grey: premises in areas where one NGA operator exists now, or is planned to exist by 2015.
  • NGA white: premises in areas where no NGA operator exists now, or is planned to exist by 2015.

Connecting Cambridgeshire – Superfast Broadband Coverage

Ofcom regulates the UK communications industries and provides helpful advice and information for consumers about broadband.

The Ofcom website includes interactive maps showing current availability of broadband.


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