Connecting Cambridgeshire has helped a Cambridgeshire Accountancy firm launch a new cloud storage system, allowing clients access to documents 24/7.

Staffords applied to Connecting Cambridgeshire’s Destination Digital project for a Government Connection Voucher, of up to £3000, to install superfast broadband.

Handling large files with documents and attachments for tax returns and other financial management tasks had proved difficult in the past. But since the installation of their new superfast broadband, staff at Staffords are able to download important resources rapidly.

Working with clients ranging from start-ups and individuals with small investment portfolios to large professional partnerships and companies with a turnover of £10 million meant that Staffords needed to improve their systems to allow instant access to documents.

Steven Ellis, Chartered Accountant with Staffords said: “The whole process from start to finish using the voucher application, Bridge Fibre’s quote for installation and the time to get the system installed took less than three weeks.

Given the often reported delays in getting telephone and broadband companies to do anything, I think that’s exemplary service!”

Over 900 connection vouchers have been issued in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, improving the connectivity of businesses across the county.

The Government Connection Voucher Scheme has now closed.