Sending top quality pictures worldwide is now a ‘piece of cake’ for Cambridgeshire travel photographer and baker star Ian Cumming.

Ian upgraded to superfast fibre broadband in his home village of Great Wilbraham outside Cambridge as soon as Connecting Cambridgeshire announced the new cabinet had gone live in late December 2015.

Ian said: “Getting superfast broadband has made an enormous difference. It is amazingly quick, which is particularly good for the photography side of my work.”

“It was well worth waiting for and I am grateful that Connecting Cambridgeshire made it happen for our village.”

Ian previously had to resort to using DVDs to send high resolution photos to his professional agency in Canada because his broadband was too slow. Now he can whizz over 10Mb photo files in seconds, and display them on his website at

The last year has brought new opportunities for Ian to combine his love of cooking and travel photography, gathering inspiration for new recipes, such as on a recent trip to Iceland.

“I made a cake to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and one for the school fete in the village, which was fun, but I’m more interested in developing new recipes and taking good photographs.”

Bake Off star Ian Cumming with celebration cakes (above and top right) – one for reaching the competition final and one for the Queen’s 90th birthday.