Superfast Broadband is available in Cambridge.

This ‘my area’ page will not be updated from September 2017.

Click here to see our new postcode checker, which aims to give a clearer picture of current and forthcoming coverage for each postcode area.

Parts of Cambridge can receive superfast broadband or is due to be covered through the commercial rollout. However, there are some premises within the Connecting Cambridgeshire programme.

Some cabinets in Cambridge have already been upgraded to fibre broadband with more to come in follow on phases of the programme between spring 2016 and summer 2017. We will update this page when we have more information.

To check if you can already receive superfast broadband or are included in plans for commercial rollout, please visit the main infrastructure providers’ websites:

BT Openreach


You can also check with your current broadband provider or an independent broadband checker.

Connecting Cambridgeshire is working to ensure that everyone in the Connecting Cambridgeshire programme gets as fast a speed as possible given their geographical location.

The broadband speed you will get depends on a number of factors including the length of your line from the telephone exchange or green roadside cabinet, the line quality, and the equipment and internal wiring within your premises.

Last updated: September 2017