CambWiFi Filtering

Why does Cambwifi filter content?

Our focus is on providing access to the broadest range of content which is suitable to all our customers and as such we provide family-friendly filters across all our sites.

Can I find out why a site is blocked?

Yes, you can check why a site is blocked here: URL Filtering – Test a Site

I believe that a site has been wrongly categorised can I get it unblocked?

The content filtering system is provided by an independent third-party called Palo Alto, which classifies websites into categories based on its own guidelines. A request can be put forward to Palo Alto to change a site categorisation.

Sites relating to the following are blocked by default; abused/illegal drugs, adult content (pornography), hacking and malware, violence, hate and racism, proxy avoidance, criminal and illegal skills. Information about how Palo Alto manages the categorisation can be found here: Content Filtering Categories