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Why do we need better broadband?

Superfast broadband is essential to helping our local economy to thrive so that everyone benefits.

Cambridgeshire already has some of the most innovative businesses and best education in the world, together with some of the most fertile land in the country and a remarkably rich heritage, but our broadband coverage is patchy.

Telecoms providers generally offer good broadband coverage in urban and commercial areas, but this does not reach enough rural areas in our region.

Investing in superfast broadband will help our existing businesses to grow, bring innovative, new companies to the area and create new jobs.

Increasing broadband coverage in rural areas will encourage local enterprise, give more people the flexibility to work from home, save transport costs and reduce congestion.

Wider access to broadband will also bring opportunities to provide health, educati on and public services in better ways. This includes supporting elderly and vulnerable people so they can live independently, and helping young people and adult learners to develop the skills they need to succeed.

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