Kirtling and Upend

Superfast Broadband is now available in parts of Kirtling.

Find out here how you can get superfast broadband and the benefits it will bring.

Many premises in Kirtling are now able to order superfast broadband, however we are aware there are a small number of properties in Upend are too far from the cabinet to be able to receive fibre broadband services. We have asked BT to explore solutions to resolve this issue in follow-on phases of the roll-out and will update this page when we have more information.

Connecting Cambridgeshire is working to ensure that everyone in the Connecting Cambridgeshire programme gets as fast a speed as possible given their geographical location.

The broadband speed you will get depends on a number of factors including the length of your line from the telephone exchange or green roadside cabinet, the line quality, and the equipment and internal wiring within your premises

Some premises may be particularly hard to reach meaning that a connection to the fibre network may not be possible. If you are unable to achieve minimum broadband speeds of 2 Mbps, you might consider finding out about other technologies here.

This ‘my area’ page will not be updated from August 2017. Click here to see our new postcode checker, which aims to give a clearer picture of current and forthcoming coverage for each postcode area.

Last updated: August 2017