The Penelope Club

The Penelope Club is a new style of business network for women, which was launched last year with the support of Destination Digital. Based in Wisbech, the network aims to help women run their own business and increase their digital skills.

It has been set up by Lorena Hodgson, who founded Red Barn Creative, a not-for-profit organisation to support and encourage creative people to be independent business owners.IMG_3289

Lorena’s vision was to start a non-traditional women’s business club to help increase confidence levels by creating a regular space to collaborate and share expertise. She also wanted to show local women how easy digital networking and creating an online presence can be.

With Lorena’s guidance, early members created a website and social media presence for the club, which helped them to learn the necessary skills to then use for their own businesses.

The Penelope Club is going strong with growing numbers of women from the Fenland area attending regular sessions, often with speakers on business and digital skills.

Lorena said: “The local networks are not attractive to local business women, because of the hours they work, the style of events or simply the structure of the clubs available. Digital skills are needed for women in business to help them become fully engaged with the digital world and how it can help their companies.”

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