Superfast broadband lights up life for young family

Bryony and Bart van Spaendonck signed up for superfast broadband as soon as it arrived in their rural Cambridgeshire village to support their businesses and busy home life with a young family.

The family had been dismayed by the ‘diabolical’ broadband in their area, which made it difficult to sustain their technology-savvy household; using ‘cloud’ storage for all their files and photos and the Internet to download videos/music and do all their shopping and finances online.

Happily, Grafham was one of the first cabinets to go live with fibre when the Connecting Cambridgeshire broadband roll-out began in November 2013.

Bart’s work involves creating and testing databases of multi-player video games, which are cloud hosted and monitored for security. Working remotely means he is also reliant on broadband to have international video conference meetings with his clients, as well as keeping in touch with his family in Holland.

Bryony rents out property and helps her grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, with her shopping and paperwork, so that she can live independently. She said:

“Getting superfast broadband feels like when rural villages first got electricity and could switch the lights on.”

“We’ve stopped having arguments about who gets to use the internet, which is great! I can just turn on the TV and choose something to watch, without worrying about what my husband is doing.

“I have been able to change my backup system from backing up only at 2am, to backing up constantly which gives great peace of mind and has already proved useful when a file went missing that I subsequently needed!

“I no longer avoid watching Youtube videos that friends link to me, and we have been able to use Skype and FaceTime without issue or concern, which has been great for my husband’s business, and great for letting one set of grandparents keep up with the kids, although, sadly, my mother is still in a rural area with very basic ADSL, so we still have trouble using FaceTime with her.

“Now I’m looking forward to when we will be able to upgrade our internet further with Fibre to the House!”