Fibre broadband releases creative flow

The arrival of fibre broadband has freed up the creative flow for composer Chris Warner who works from a studio at home in Coveney overlooking the Cambridgeshire Fens.

The quiet, rural location with views across the fields is ideal for composing, but previously the slow broadband connectivity often frustrated creativity and wasted valuable time.

Chris has created original music, underscore, songs and sound design for over 30 theatre productions, including two musicals and an opera, as well as film, television and radio. Recent work includes the film score for ‘Common People’, music for BBC 2’s Make a Musical and the theme tune for Radio 2’s History of British Comedy.

He and his wife, a fellow composer, increasingly rely on digital technology and the Internet to support their work. They use computer software to create complex audio files, often downloading digital samples of instruments or sound effects, and viewing videos of performances they are scoring.

Chris explains: “The files we use can be huge and it used to take so long to download or upload, I must have lost days over the course of a year. It was frustrating having to wait and it did stop the creative flow at times, we just had to work round it

“Working from home will be joyous now that we have superfast broadband, which is something I thought I’d never see. The Connecting Cambridgeshire programme is much appreciated by a couple of freelancers working in the fens.”