Broadband takes Fenland farm forward

George Munns’ family has farmed Westmoor Farm in the heart of the Fens since his father took on the tenancy in 1959, using his share of a £100 pools win.

Part of Cambridgeshire County Farms Estate, the traditional arable farm near Chatteris has expanded to 700 acres over the years and now produces high quality rape seed oil and raises 1300 free-range geese for Christmas.

Having created his farm website just a few years ago, George now relies on broadband for most things, including the weekly grocery shop, and regularly keeps in touch with customers and friends on Facebook.

His followers include several Somerset farmers to which he organised the donation and haulage of 31 articulated lorry loads of fodder and bedding during the floods last year. IMG_0909 George and Jane Munns Westmoor Farm case study - landscape

As well as doing all his accounts and correspondence online, George sources machinery, fertiliser and feedstuffs on the Internet, and finds online software invaluable for planning crop production and checking safety compliance.

“We could not run our business without the Internet so good broadband is really important to us. Our farm website is vital for promoting our products, there isn’t a day goes by when we don’t check something online, for example the monitoring of the wheat futures or use farming forums to answer a question,” said George.

“Some traditional farmers think the Internet is for the younger generation, but it does save us time and money, and makes it easier to keep up to date.”

Cambridgeshire County Farms Estate provides opportunities for new entrants to farming and brings in rents of £4million a year to help finance council services. To find out more visit or join the Cambridgeshire County Farms Facebook group.